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Online Library


Devotional Material


2012 Summer Bible Study Series:

"God's Word on Marriage"


The Lutheran Spokesman

CLC's  Monthly  Magazine


CLC E-Devotions

Daily Devotions Sent to Your Inbox


Chapel Addresses

Daily Chapel Addresses

from Immanuel Lutheran College


God's Hand in Our Lives

CLC Sunday School Series


CLC  Ministry by Mail

Weekly Sermon


Online Sermons

Sermons available from various

CLC Congregations - includes audio and video


Doctrinal  Material


The Journal of Theology

CLC's  Quarterly Theological Magazine


An Introduction to the CLC


CLC  Statement of Faith and Purpose


The  Brief  Statement  of  1932

A brief look at some of the doctrines of Scripture

adopted by the CLC


WELS and CLC - What's The Difference?

A comparison of teachings

between the Wisconsin Synod and CLC


A Comparison of Teachings

A Side-by-side comparison of Scripture

with the teachings of the largest Lutheran

church body in America -

the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA)


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