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Worship Services

I: Between the bread/wine and the body/blood II: Between the believer and Himself III: Between all belivers

I: It Divides People from Each Other II: It Divides the Repentant from all sin
I: He rebukes the ne who foolishly buries them II: He exalts the one who faithfully uses them
I: Holding Them Responsible II: Blessing Their Work
I: Just When the situation seemed hopeless II: God turns the situation miraculously around
I: Jesus serves you by washing away your sin II: The New Man serves Jesus by washing away the Old Adam
I: To be the salt of the earth II: To be the light of the world
I: Away from the sin that pursues you II: Through the Doubt that Surrounds You III: To the home that awaits you   We had technical challenges this week with…

One God with One Goal

June 12, 2022
One God with One Goal I: Fullness Through The Father II: Forgiveness Through The Son III: Faith Through The Spirit