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Follow the Honey

September 26, 2021
FOLLOW THE HONEY I: The bitterness of self-service leads only to the soul’s despair II: The sweetness of Christ-like service leads to the soul’s delight
The LORD Pulls You Out of the Mud I: The world wants to see you sink II: But God is closer than you think

Jesus is the True Cure-All

September 12, 2021
Jesus is the True Cure-All I: No matter your tribe II: No matter your troubles III: No matter your transgressions
The Armor of God is the Perfect Defense I. It is effective II. It is complete III. It is necessary
THERE IS ONLY ONE CORRECT ANSWER I. The world, with sin, conceals it II. God, by faith, reveals it
BY FAITH WE FEAST ON THE BREAD OF LIFE I. The wisdom of the world cannot perceive it II. The wisdom of faith simply believes it III. The wisdom of…
History Repeats Itself with Sin and Grace I: In complacency, we find conflict II: In conflict, we are led to Christ III: In Christ, we have confidence
“IS THIS NOT THE CARPENTER?” I. As true man, building and fixing things II. As true God, building and fixing things
The I AM Tells You Who You Are I. By yourself: less than nothing II. With God: more than enough
YOU CAN TRUST GOD’S DELIVERANCE SYSTEM I. He uses our mistakes to turn us II. He uses His Word to promise us III. He uses His power to deliver us