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Worship Services

It’s Not Worth It

February 5, 2023
I: Man's wisdom comes at the expense of God's Lovingkindness II: Man's might comes at eh expense of God's Justice III: Man's riches come at the expense of God's Righteousness

It is Good for Us to Be Here

January 29, 2023
I: To Come and See II: To Leave and Believe
Laymen lead service by Dennis Lux and Randy Estes Sermon written by Pastor Wayne Eichstadt

Anything Less is Not Enough

January 15, 2023
I: A Savior for the World II: An Abundance of Grace

I: It Placed Him Under the Law II: It Set Him Apart for the Lord III: It Shed his Blood for the Lost  

The 9 Lessons

December 25, 2022

I: The World Looks for an Illustrious Servant II: The World Longs for an Illustrious Savior
I:  Prayer II:  Praise III:  Thanks

Not To Worry

November 20, 2022
I: Worry is Senseless II: Worry is Useless III: Worry is Needless
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