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Questions of Faith at the Crossroads of Life. I: Does this offend You? II: Will you also go Away? III: Did I not choose You?
Sit in Solomon's Court and Learn the Three Pillars on which His Verdict Stands.

Faith Works

May 5, 2024
Faith Works I: It works to show us the Truth II: It works to show us it is True III: It works to show us God is true

Jesus Loves a Lost Cause

April 28, 2024
Jesus Loves a Lost Cause I: One that "isn't His Problem" II: One that "can't be helped"

I Am

April 24, 2024
I Am I: What was Jesus claiming about Himself with His "I Am" statements recorded in the Gospel of John? II: What is Jesus clearly claiming about Himself in V.…
The Lord Causes te Prepositional Clauses I: Worship with Thanksgiving, for He is God II: Worship with Joy, for He is Good    
The Good Shepherd is One-Stop Shopping I: He Gives the rest we require II: He gives the comfort we crave III: He gives blessings abundantly
You Know Jesus When you See Him I: A Living Christ II: Almighty God III: A Loving Friend
The Eternal Celebrations of Easter Sunday I: The Words were written II: The Savior Now Lives III: The Resurrected Shall see God
The Lenten series theme: Landmark of our Savior's Passion: This Good Friday's theme is The Mount Called Calvary, Where Our Savior Died Text for tonight is from the book of…
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