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ELIZABETH: “Why is this granted to me?”
THE WORD OFFERS TRUE COMFORT CARE I. The flesh seeks to be comfortable II. The soul is comforted in Christ

Children of God Speak When Spoken To I: First, they hear what is said II: Then, they say what is heard
GRACE IS THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING I: God gives what you need to you II: God gives what others need through you
THE INS AND OUTS OF CHRIST’S REIGN I: INclusive, withOUT exclusion II: INdestructible, withOUT end III: INfinite, withOUT end
The Efficiency of Christ’s Sacrifice I: By One II: To all III: Forever

You Are Right, Teacher

November 7, 2021
“You Are Right, Teacher” I: Right about what is expected in the Law II: Right by what You’ve accomplished in the Gospel


October 31, 2021
“GOD THROWS THE CLAY” I: He powerfully destroys and shatters the unrepentant II: He lovingly creates and shapes those who are in Christ
“There are Lessons to Be Learned from Old Jerusalem” I. Do not be deceived II. Be prepared to endure III. Proclaim the word